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Our Training Packages

On-Leash Program

Our on-leash program focuses on a solid foundation for any dog. We tailor each program to the individual dog. To start, we spend several weeks on the basics and then devote time to practical issues for each household. We address things like loose leash walking, pulling, counter surfing, charging the door, and more.

Off-Leash Program

Our off-leash program is our most popular program. At the end of the program we will have both you and your dog feeling comfortable off-leash. Our number one priority here is safety and reliability. We focus on off-leash recall and extended "down-stays" especially. Additionally, we work on a large number of on-leash behaviors and training techniques.

In-Home Training

Our most fast-paced program. One of our dog trainers works directly with your dog and gives weekly updates. This training is commonly referred to as "in-home" training or "day training". Our trainers will come and work with your dog at your house four times per week during the day. This program lasts one month with four "family-style" training sessions.

Maintenance Training

For returning clients! We want to help continue to grow that bond between you and your dog. This program is designed to keep their training sharp.

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Each program will be customized to fit you and your dog’s day-to-day life. We are all about practicality and education at Urban Canine.

The first step is a simple phone call! We can talk about your goals and find a package that fits best for you and your dog. From there we will schedule a free evaluation and temperament test where we can go into more detail on a tailored training plan!

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Who We Are

We love your pet just as much as you do!

Our pets are an extremely important part of our lives. It’s important to give them the confidence and dog training required to help them live their lives to the fullest!

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Our flexible training programs allow for in-home or near-home training options. Richmond, VA has a rich culture and a close community who cares passionately about their dogs. Here at Urban Canine, we want to make scheduling your dog training is as convenient as possible.

After just one walk with Brian, I was able to walk with slack in the leash. Kuma has become overall more attentive on walks and at home. The training tools were super effective and very sustainable. A+

Racheal B., Richmond VA


Brian was really great to work with. He's really professional and was always on point with communication, appointments, and reliability! I appreciated how patient he was about all the e-collar things. It was a good experience for us and our doggo!

Reamey B., Richmond VA


Brian did an amazing job with my golden retriever! This training made a huge difference in my dogs ability to listen to commands and made leash walking much more enjoyable. I am so happy with the outcome and would recommend him to everyone!

Jenna H., Richmond VA