Who We Are

Founded by Brian Berger in early 2021, Urban Canine is a dedicated team of pet loving trainers, based in Richmond Virginia

At Urban Canine we believe in a balanced training method with the use of training tools and lots of positive reinforcement.

Our Team

Dependable members

Our team of dog trainers is small, yet dependable. We care about your dogs training and believe that with structure and training comes confidence; not just from your dog, but from you as well.

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Brian Berger

Lead Dog Trainer

After high-school Brian spent four years in a Special Operations unit in the US Army. Towards the end of his contract he was diagnosed with cancer, which is when he got his first real taste of the amazing impact that dogs can have on a persons mental and physical health.

"After seeing the working K9's in Ranger Battalion, the service dogs in the hospital, and my own personal experience with pet dogs... I knew that this would be a life-long career that I could be passionate about."
Brian holding dog
Brian Berger
Urban Canine Owner / Trainer

After attending Highland Canine‘s Master Trainer course, Brian started Urban Canine to bring the knowledge and training methods back to the greater Richmond area with him

We like to stress the importance of education with our clients. Our goal, especially when using training tools of any kind, would be for owners to leave our training confident in how to use and also how to explain to others how to use all of these tools.

Brian is also a member of the IACP and AKC Nosework.

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