Off-Leash Training

We want you to be confident with your dog in any scenario, on or off-leash. We teach you how to properly use the training tools necessary to ensure safe and reliable obedience on a leash or at a distance.

Included in this package is an E-Collar Technologies training collar. The 6 basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come, Heel) will be taught on and off-leash. We believe that these six commands are the cornerstone of any dog’s obedience training.

Our main focus here at Urban Canine is education and confidence. We want to educate you on how to properly introduce, use, and maintain the training with an e-collar. With that knowledge, we fully expect you to finish this program with the confidence to operate this equipment and even explain to others why it’s such an amazing tool.

Guaranteed Results:
– Reliable recall
– Sit, down, stay at a distance
– On-leash obedience (no more pulling!)
– More freedom for your dog

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