Training Program Standards

Free Consultation and Satisfaction Guarantee

Each of our programs includes a free in-home consultation where a team member will meet with you and discuss your goals and expectations with our program. This is to ensure we are all on the same page. It also helps to ensure that all of your, and your dogs, needs are met.

If our training goals are not met within the agreed-upon time, or you are dissatisfied with the training done, then we will extend the training schedule for FREE! We want you and your dog to leave here feeling confident in each other.

Program Prices

On-Leash Training

Our on-leash program focuses on a solid foundation for any dog. We tailor each program to the individual dog, We spend several weeks on the basics and then devote time to practical issues for each household. We address things like loose leash walking, pulling, counter surfing, charging the door, and more.

Basic Obedience Pricing

USD $ 800

Off-Leash Training

Our off-leash program is our most popular program. At the end of the program we will have both you and your dog feeling comfortable off-leash. Our number one priority here is safety and reliability. We focus on off-leash recall and extended "down-stays" especially. Additionally, we work on a large number of on-leash behaviors and training techniques.

Off-Leash Pricing

USD $ 1,100

In-Home Training

Our most fast-paced program. One of our dog trainers works directly with your dog and gives weekly updates. This training is commonly referred to as "in-home" training or "day-training". Our trainers will come and work with your dog at your house during the day, multiple times 4 times per week.

In-Home Training

USD $ 2,400

Puppy Training

We offer a 3-week training course for puppy owners with dogs between 8 weeks old and 6 months old. We go over a number of extremely important topics such as potty training, nipping, biting clothes, crate training, clicker training, imprinting, and more!

Puppy Training

USD $ 400

Maintenance Training

This style of training is available for returning clients who have worked with one of our trainers. This would be available as a continuation of training or as "extra training". This program is specialized. Prices are significantly cheaper due to little training being done, this is to work on keeping your dogs obedience sharp and helping to work them physically and mentally during your busy work schedule.

Maintenance Training

USD $ 75 / hr

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Feel free to reachout! We cant wait to talk to you about your dog.

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